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  • Fresh tomatoes add incredible flavor and juices to pasta sauce, chili and stew. With the proper technique, it’s easy to chop or slice tomatoes.

  • Chicken is one of the most popular foods in a healthy diet. Knowing how to choose fresh poultry, handle it safely and cook it properly will help keep you and your family safe from foodborne illness.

  • Cook with herbs and spices to boost flavor without adding fat and calories. Cayenne, garlic, sage, ginger and cinnamon are a few herbs and spices that help make low calorie, low fat healthy recipes.

  • Beets are so good for you, one food author calls them the “red spinach.” Healthy beets are rich in potassium and folate. Their earthy flavor pairs nicely with peaches or orange slices for an easy sala...

  • The red color of beets is intense and beautiful on the plate … but not on your hands. Here’s an easy tip to keep your hands clean when you peel fresh beets.

  • Use canned tomatoes in healthy recipes for everything from chili to pasta sauce. They are easy to keep on hand, and you’ll get the great health benefits of fresh tomatoes.

  • Not all ground turkey is healthy. In fact, dark turkey meat has twice the fat of white meat. Look for ground turkey that contains only white meat from the breast.

  • Mashed potatoes without butter and milk? This low calorie recipe uses low sodium chicken broth and trans fat free margarine to make quick and easy healthy mashed potatoes.

  • High protein and full of fiber, beans are a versatile, no cholesterol heart healthy food. Whether used in a hearty soup, a healthy dip, or a refreshing salad, beans add great flavor to any dish.

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